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At NBJS, our aim is to engage all children in the world around them. This is highlighted in our vision. At all stages, we encourage children to explore our extensive grounds and (wherever possible) these are incorporated into our science curriculum.

Our vision

Our Longitudinal study questions:

Year groups 3, 4 & 5  have a longitudinal study where the question posed is not answerable immediately, but will need a longer period of time. This develops questioning skills and gives children the opportunity to share their learning at home and even further afield.

Year 3 –  How does the pond, and the wildlife that lives there, change throughout the year?


Year 4 – How does the animal population changes within the school grounds throughout the year?


Year 5 – Which birds migrate? When do they migrate? When do they return?


Hands on practical activities: Wherever possible, we give the children experiences and chances to try things for themselves. Much of our science learning nurtures collaborative work.

Forging links with Mountbatten:

We have a positive link with Mountbatten science dept who come in and support our topic learning with exciting hands on experiences. These opportunities give the children memorable experiences to build on.

How different materials behave in different ways.

Further links with our wider community……

Start a Heart Programme delivered by the Ambulance Service. We are actively engaging our children with activities, which will go with them through life. This goes alongside the defibrillator located on site.