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Healthy Schools, healthy lifestyle

Healthy Schools and healthy lifestyles

We  first earned a Healthy Schools Award for our focus on our School Grounds and Safety. We were awarded again for promoting health and emotional wellbeing. The award scheme has now ended but we continue to develop our excellent practice using the Healthy Schools website and setting ourselves annual targets.

The healthy schools website gives you information about aspects of being healthy :physical activity opportunities in the local area, advice about healthy eating and links to support networks that can help your school, you and your family

RAIN - Romsey Area Information Network

The Southern Test Valley Community Information Service is provided by Romsey Area Information Network. This will enable you to access information about a wide range of community and health services within Southern Test Valley.

Ring or visit any of the centre offices or visit the website and send your query online

Healthy School Dinners

Our school dinners are provided by HC3S.

HC3S are the largest provider of school meals in Hampshire, supplying hot and cold nutritional meals to over 400 primary schools in the county.

HC3S say "We feel that a school meal is an integral part of the school day, offering the opportunity for children to learn about food and nutrition, to experience meal time discipline and pick up practical social skills. Additionally we firmly believe that a well fed child is more receptive to learning and therefore our school lunches should be regarded as part of the day and not an interruption! Another plus for schools is that we ensure that our school meals meet the government's Nutritional Standards and the guidelines laid down by the Caroline Walker Trust, ensuring meals provide a third of a child's daily nutritional allowance."

Each child has the option of a full portion of vegetables or a full portion of salad or both if required. We continue to offer additional bread as a free extra to our meals and water is available throughout the lunch period.

Special menus can be prepared for children with food allergies - please discuss with HC3S how we can work together on this.

Why not visit  where you can see the kind of meals on offer.

You may be entitled to Free School Meals - which also brings extra funding into school via Pupil Premium to help support your child's education. Check the links on HC3S's website.

We work closely with HC3S to develop a menu that matches the tastes of our pupils. In addition to the tradition meat or vegetarian option, we have a seasonal third choice. This could be from the "Streets" menu with tastes for older children; jacket potatoes; picnic boxes which allow food to be eaten in a take away style box. Pupils place their order on the day (having paid in advance).

Healthy Packed Lunches

Your 5-point checklist for making a healthy lunchbox.

The British Nutrition Foundation gives the following advice:

1. Have you got you got something from the BREAD, OTHER CEREALS AND POTATOES group?

Ideas at a glance: Wholemeal/multigrain and white breads and rolls, Pitta bread, Bagel, French stick, Scotch pancakes, English muffins, Fruit scones, Currant buns, Fruit bread, Malt loaf, Matzo, Crispbread and crackers and Pasta and rice salads

2. Have you got something from the FRUIT AND VEGETABLES group?

Ideas: Salad in sandwiches and rolls, Cherry tomatoes, Apples
Pears, Satsumas, Bananas, Grapes, Melon, Kiwi, Plums, Nectarine, Canned fruit pieces, Raisins, Dried apricots, Dish of fruit salad, Fruit smoothies and Pure fruit juices

3. Have you got something from the MEAT, FISH AND ALTERNATIVES group?

Ideas: Slices of ham, Chicken and turkey, Boiled eggs, Canned tuna and salmon, Prawns, Hummous

4. Have you got something from the MILK AND DIARY FOODS group?

Ideas: Milk, Cheddar, Edam, Cheese triangle, Low fat soft cheese, Cottage cheese with pineapple chunks, Fruit yogurt, Fromage frais, Drinking yogurt and Pots of rice pudding

5. Have you got a drink?

Ideas: Milk, Drinking yogurt, Smoothie, Fruit juice, Sugar-free squash and Water

North Baddesley Junior School is a non-smoking site at all times

Southampton City Quitters

The friendly NHS Stop Smoking service in Southampton.

This site is provided by Southampton City Quitters for people who want to quit Smoking in Southampton and the immediate surrounding suburbs.

Quitters will support you through every step of quitting, from day 1, until you have quit!

For the best possible chance of success, book onto one of our support clinics! People at the clinics find they get much more support by quitting with other people and getting the chance to share problems and tips with others all working toward the same goal.

The clinics are friendly, non judgmental and very informal. Getting and giving information, together with other quitters.

We can supply certain nicotine products (NRT) for up to 8 weeks, for the cost of a single prescription. If you don't pay for your prescriptions then it's completely free.

The direct supply NRT will then be supplied weekly for up to 8 weeks. Other nicotine products or Zyban, you can get from your doctor on standard NHS prescription in batches that last for 2 weeks.

For people whose first language is not English we can arrange an appointment with a translator from Access to Communication.

Remember people who get support to quit smoking, are 4 times more likely to succeed, than those who go it alone!

If you are from an area surrounding the area covered by Southampton City Quitters, e.g. New Forest, Eastleigh, Winchester or Andover and you have heard the local radio ad., please fill in you details and we will forward them to your local quit smoking service.

Give us a call on (023) 8051 5221 to book for Quitters support!

Nut allergies in school

We do have children in school with nut allergies, some of which are very severe. Please do not provide your child with sandwiches which contain nut spreads e.g. peanut butter or Nutella (or similar own brand variations) or snack bars which contain nuts. Thankyou for your co-operation.

Head lice treatment combs available on prescription