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English at North Baddesley Junior School

Welcome to our North Baddesley Junior School English page. Here you will find what the English curriculum looks like at our school, our vision for the subject and useful information to support your child at home and in school. 

Reading at NBJS

We believe that reading is at the heart of our curriculum. During their time at North Baddesley Junior School, all children have the opportunity to engage with a range of exciting and inspiring texts: from Shackleton's Journey and Fantastic Beasts to Little People Big Dreams and George's Secret Key to the Universe.  Not only will children experience a  range of genres and text types, but they will delve into the imagination of a range of authors: Katherine Rundell, Michael Morpurgo, Stephen Hawking and Dick King-Smith to name a few. 

Phonics and supporting reading at NBJS 

At North Baddesley Junior School, we are excited to begin our Project X Code reading journey. Project X Code is an inclusive reading intervention to support children with their phonics, reading fluency and comprehension. Developed by Oxford University Press in the UK, Project X Code stimulates reading motivation through exciting exploration and fantastic 3D graphics. Your child will also have access to a selection of e-books to motivate them to read beyond the classroom. 

Our library

We are very fortunate to have such a well-stocked library with a wide selections of books, authors and genres, including comics and annuals in our 'Comic Book Corner'. Every Monday, our library is open from 3pm until 4pm. During this time, our librarian (Mrs Peacock) is available to talk about the books on offer, recommend books and take any children's books requests. Children are also able to return, exchange or take out books in this time.  

Supporting your child at home 

Please find below some resources and ideas to support your child at home. 

The writing process

At NBJS, we use a range of tools to support children in the writing process. These include the following: 

* Alan Peat sentences to help children structure their sentences,

* ADSPICEN- to help children consider different ways to start sentences (e.g. with an Adverb, Dialogue, Similes, Prepositions, Ing words, Conjunctions, Ed words or Noun phrases), 

* Traffic light paragraphing to help them organise paragraphs and have a clear structure, 

* Editing cards to support responding to marking and editing their writing,

* Spelling strategies to help them identify their errors and spell unfamiliar words. 

Celebrating our learning

Celebrating writing at NBJS: each half term, we celebrate writing across school, considering creativity through exciting language choices, presentation and pride taken, the structure of writing and progress being made.

Celebrating reading at NBJS: each year, in spring term, we celebrate reading through our World Book Week. During this week, children get the opportunity to share their favourite stories, explore a new book and work with children across the school in a range of creative activities. Throughout the year, children also experience other opportunities e.g. Shakespeare week, library visits, exploring a range of books in our English units.