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Welcome to North Baddesley Junior School's computing page. Here you will find what the subject looks like inside our school, our vision for the subject and useful activities to try with your child at home.

Key Vocabulary


In computing lessons, children regularly self-assess the skills they have learnt. They do this through their 'computing passports', where they tick the skills learnt in a lesson. At the start and end of each year, the children complete R.A.G, this shows the children how far their technology confidence has developed throughout the year. Every month, the children are given a range of key vocabulary to give their own definitions for, this allows them to build up a computing glossary and retrieve key terminology quickly.

Staying Safe Online

Children are taught E-SAFETY regularly at North Baddesley Junior School. In an ever changing digital world, staying safe online is more important than ever. Each session features key vocabulary, targeted questioning and scenarios for the children to the discuss openly and honestly. Each year progresses on from the one before and are adapted by the teachers to suit the need of the children. In each classroom, age ratings and internet safety posters remind the children of what to do if they experience issues online.

On our school blog, are some important E-Safety videos. Please see the link below.

Coding: Computer Science

Each year, every child will complete various coding units that build on skills learnt in the year before. This is completed in a variety of different ways such as conversation making, creating quizzes, games and robotics. We use the software packages Scratch and LEGO WEDO 2.0.

Download Scratch at home!

Digital artwork

Download Paint at home!

Video creation

A cross school video created for book week, based on the text Thor's Hammer, as part of our stories from other cultures learning.