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Year 4 Blog

Brazilian Carnival Masks - inspired by Brazilian artisit Beatriz Milhazes

Through R.E. and P4C, we learned about representations of peace. We created our own stained glass windows with our own representation of peace. 

What a talented group of artists! We have followed a tutorial to create a wintery scene by blending colours carefully. These magical pieces can be kept for many years to come!

A wonderful shopping experience. Learning to budget and spend wisely. No peaking before the big day!

DT: Roman Salad

Building on from DT skills in Year 3, we were able to master our peeling and chopping techniques to make a salad a Roman Emperor would be pleased to receive. Excellent focus - zero plasters required!

To begin our historical journey learning about the Celts, we visited Butser Ancient Farm. During our day, we took part in many Celtic activities including: wattling, daubing, jewellery making and pottery.

Science - Do you know how a skeleton is formed?

In Science, we have been learning about the human body. We have learned about bones and muscles, and how exercise affects the body.