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Schools Direct

Schools Direct - your entry into training for teaching


We thoroughly recommend this route into teaching. You will gain a significant amount of supported classroom experience, enabling you to be ready for the demands and delights of your first class one day. Halterworth Primary School is the named Lead School for our consortium of schools, which provides training and salaried initial teacher training places working in partnership with Winchester University (leading to a Post Graduate Certificate in Education with 60 Masters credits) We welcome visits to our schools, please telephone the school office for an appointment with the Executive Headteacher, Headteacher or Assistant Headteacher/s which you may be interested in.


Applications are made via UCAS website

If you have any queries regarding this access route into teaching via our consortium please telephone the Halterworth school office on 01794 512028

We wish you well with your application.


Our consortium of schools includes:  Tel: 01794 512028  Tel: 01794 322201 Tel: 01794 340407 Tel: 02380 411100 Tel: 02380 412412 Tel: 01794 514494 Tel: 01794 512702   Tel: 02380 732289  Tel: 01962 712020  Tel: 01794 368359


Other schools joining in: Stoke Park Infant & Junior schools, Rownhams St John's Primary School, Blackfield Primary School


The contact details, if you are interested in following this route, are:


Jayne Fahey

Tamsin O'Keeffe

Halterworth Training School Partnership

01794 512028


The following websites are a useful source of information;