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Who's Who

Come and meet the staff at our school:

North Baddesley Junior School Staff for academic year 2023-2024

Headteacher: Miss Lucy Wootten (DSL)*

Assistant Headteachers:

Miss Victoria Rowlands (DDSL)** and Miss Francesca Telford (DDSL)**

SENCo: Mrs Amy Daas (DDSL). 

Year 3:

3W: Mr Matt Walkowiak (Leader);

3B: Mrs Ellie Bennet

3G: Mrs Jill Haste 

Year 4:

4H: Miss Sarah Hall 4H (Leader);

4C: Miss Briony Crawford ;

4W:Mr Max Wheeler 

Year 5: 

5B: Mr Balcombe (Leader);

5W: Mr Luke Webbe; 

5T: Mrs Hayley Taylor/Mrs Claire Taylor. 

Year 6: 

6G: Mrs Sarah Gatherer (Leader);

6C:  Mr Matthew Chessum,

6R: Mrs Amanda Reid

PPA/ Intervention: Miss Francesca Telford, Mrs Laura Hunter, Miss Vicki Rowlands, Mr Bennet and Mrs Daas. 

Family Liaison/TALA: Mrs Shirley Jonas (DDSL)**

ELSA: Mrs Kathleen Jones

Learning Support staff:

Mrs Blake, Mrs Nye, Mr Murphy, Mrs Murphy, Mrs Hallum, Mrs Wilbraham, Mr Jones, Mrs Parkes, Ms Gibson, Mrs Pasley, Mr Bennet, Miss Hayes, Ms Yeates, Mrs O’Connell & Mrs Ryde. 

Senior Lunchtime Supervisor: Mrs Shaw

Additional Lunchtime supervisors: Mrs Marsh, Mrs Bennett plus others from the LSA team

Librarian: Mrs Peacock

Finance Officer: Mrs Tracy Turner

Admin Officer: Mrs Fiona Walton

Admin Assistants: Mrs Kate White and Miss Laura Downton 

Site Manager: Mr Steve Rogers

Site team: Mrs K Harfield, Ms Stanford and Mrs L Maggs

*DSL = Designated Safeguarding Lead

**DDSL = Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead