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Physical Education

Our PE vision

To help children understand the importance of physical fitness as part of a healthy lifestyle for both their bodies and minds.

To develop physical confidence through a range of games and sporting activities to both raise self-esteem and enjoyment in keeping active.

To promote teamwork, tactical thinking, fair play and a life-long love and passion for sport.

Physical Education at North Baddesley

Curriculum at NBJS

The NBJS PE curriculum has had a makeover during the 2022/23 year and is currently being rolled out. One of the biggest changes to our curriculum is the inclusion of inclusive sports: Torball, Boccia, Sit-down Volleyball and Goal ball. This is so we can hone our skills learnt across the different branches of PE (Dance, games, swimming, outdoor adventurous activity, athletics and gymnastics) in a different setting.

The children are able to access a wide range of different games that they can put their skills to on their journey from Year 3 to Year 6 including repeating some activities to show their progression with those skills. All children access 2 hours of physical education per week in addition to any clubs they do, sporting events representing the school and the active mile at the end of every lunch time.