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Community Links

Local links

North Baddesley Junior School strives to make links with local, national and even global communities. We feel it is important to get the views of all stakeholders to help us improve. Click on the links below for more info...

North Baddesley Infant School:

The Mountbatten School

The Mountbatten School after-school and holiday programmes

Recycling to benefit the community

Any surplus or outdated IT equipment is recycled via Jamie's Computers, a charity based in Southampton which collects and then refurbishes it for sale or breaks it down for scrap. 

The Society of St James set up Jamie’s Computers in 2002 as a computer recycling social enterprise with the aim of providing education and work experience for its service users and a valuable service to the community.

The Society of St James is a Southampton and Hampshire based registered charity. It was founded in 1972 to address poverty, sickness, hardship and distress, with a focus on homeless and vulnerable people.
Over the years, the Society of St James has grown steadily and now offers support to over 3000 people each year. Its services include an extensive housing network for people with a diverse range of needs including mental health, addiction and substance abuse issues. The Society also provides treatment and support to individuals and a care home for the elderly homeless.