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School closure Tuesday 9th January afternoon - no water

Unfortunately the main water supply pipe to the school has been severed by the builders and so we have no heating, toilet flushing, hand washing facilities or drinks/catering.


The trip to INTECH Planetarium for Year 5 will still go ahead on Wednesday, but if school has to remain closed, we would ask for Year 5 pupils to come in for 12.30pm having had lunch, in school uniform. The coach will be leaving school at 12.45pm returning for 3pm when the children will need to be collected or make their usual going home arrangement.


All HMS music lessons have been cancelled for Wednesday so will roll over to another week.


Mr Hardy is due to meet the contractors at 4pm for an update, after this the website banner and HCC Closure information will be updated by 5pm as to whether the school has to remain closed on Wednesday 10th January.

We apologise for the inconvenience this may cause, but no water on the premises means we cannot open school safely or hygienically. School opening on Wednesday will depend on how quickly the repair can be made and then the systems have to be flushed through afterwards.