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Potential Snow Closure - Thursday 1st March

Dear Parents,


Weather and school opening/closure – Thursday 1st March


The weather forecast tomorrow is such that snow is forecast, growing in severity around lunchtime. As with all forecasts the situation is changing constantly and there is always the chance that the snow may move away from our area without significant implications. We plan to open as usual but may, if the weather becomes more severe, have to close during the day, possibly around lunchtime. If this is the case we will contact parents in the usual way, via text, email and put a notice on our school web site and via Hampshire County Council school closures list. If this is necessary, we would ask parents to get to us as soon as is possible, with all children being supervised until parents are able to collect them. The large majority of our staff have some distance to travel and we do not want to compromise their safety. After school clubs will not take place tomorrow to ensure that everyone can get home safely.


If the overnight the situation was to change and become such that we feel it necessary to close the school sooner, we would announce this in the same way specified – please review the website and texts which we can trigger away from school if necessary. attached.


The weather overnight on Thursday and into Friday may cause some disruption and we are also looking at the forecasts for this period of time closely.

Please ensure that if children are dressed as book characters tomorrow they have plenty of layers, including thermals and boots suitable for walking in snow.

Making the decision to close is never an easy one but we felt it important to share our thinking with you at this time.

Please be assured that we are trying to align with other schools locally, some of which have already confirmed full closures for tomorrow including Hiltingbury, Cupernham and Chandlers Ford.


Both North Baddesley Junior and Infant Schools are liaising closely on this matter and we will ensure that we take the same approach for BOTH schools as many have pupils at both schools.


We will make a decision about Friday later tomorrow – there may be less snow, but travel conditions may remain hazardous.