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On-line safety guidance for latest scam

Please refer to the green "Children" tab, Keeping Safe On-line, where a guidance document has been added.

This type of on-line concern demonstrates how e-safety weaves its way through other platforms - apparently it can pop up in other ways e.g. through minecraft or when youtube auto plays the next video clip.

Parental monitoring and being totally aware of what children are accessing is vital - as is discussing with children about what to do when something worrying pops up unexpectedly. One key area is to make sure that you put aside time to discuss how to deal with these scams and that they are not real. Unfortunately by publicising it creates more hype giving the authors of these scams the media exposure they crave.

Schools will continue to talk generically about on-line safety, and source websites can be blocked, but highlighting specific dangers unfortunately ignites children's natural curiosity to go and have a look at what the concern is.