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NBJS contribute to Romsey Abbey's 900th Celebration art work

As part of the celebration of Romsey Abbey's 900th founding, local schools have been asked to create two images of historical figures in the Abbey's history. A trail of Abbesses (the head of the order) has been created, and NBJS have contributed with two figures - Alicia de Wyntershulle (served in 1315), who was poisoned after only a few months in charge; Matilda Patriz (1199 - 1218). Alicia's figure is splattered to denote the poisoning and as many other leaders were also called Matilda, she is decorated with a patchwork of colourful figurines as no-one can be exactly sure of how many there were.

Our pupils went to the Abbey for the grand unveiling ceremony on 6th March. You can visit the Abbey and see the rail of all of the abbesses during this year.