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FRENCH at North Baddesley Junior School

Our Vision Statement

‘Learning a foreign language is a liberation from insularity and provides an opening to other cultures.’ (DfE – National Curriculum)

At North Baddesley Junior School, our aim is that the learning of a modern foreign language, French, provides a cultural experience for all pupils and allows them to deepen their understanding of the world. Children will learn to understand others, have a greater acceptance of the world they live in and deepen their understanding of cultural diversity. During their time in the junior school, children will develop their language learning skills. They will be encouraged to express their ideas and thoughts in French, both in speech and in writing. From the moment they join Year 3, they will have opportunities to engage in simple conversations in French, asking and answering questions about themselves and the topics we cover. As they progress through the school, children develop their reading and writing skills.

Our French curriculum enables pupils to start learning a language, which they can take into the next stage of their education and ultimately (should they wish) allow them to study and work in other countries of the world. Above all, we aim to foster an enjoyment of communicating in another language.

The Primary French Project

At North Baddesley Junior School, we use the Primary French Project scheme, which offers a complete programme of learning that is taught progressively across all year groups. The scheme provides an engaging, fun and motivating curriculum, which is accessible for all children. It also provides full support for teachers who may or may not be French specialists. Children will experience a range of learning experiences in French. Powerpoint presentations include sound files and links to subject knowledge, language and culture. All children are actively encouraged to join in and respond in lesson activities.

FRENCH across the school...


As part of our aim to promote the teaching and learning of French at NBJS we propose a whole school celebration of languages.

To celebrate the French national day (Bastille Day) on 14th July 2022 we held our first French Day for many years. Children came to school dressed in the tricolore colours or costumes inspired by France. The day began with learning about the cultural aspect of the day and the history behind it. The children discovered how people celebrate this date today. The children took part in a range of activities from creating factfiles to painting in the style of French artists.