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Attendance & Absence

Hampshire County Council guidance for parents on Absence & Requests for Absence

A penalty notice fine will be issued when there are 10 instances of unauthorised absence in a 100 session block. The block can straddle school years and even across to a new school. Similarly a fine will be issued for persistent lateness. There are very few instances that school can authorise for exceptional circumstances - we may ask you for travel arrangements and dates - also evidence eon social media which is contradictory to any information can be used to reinforce the decision.

Leaflet explaining why attendance at school is so important to your child's education

How do we promote good attendance in school with the pupils?


Each half term we award a certificate to the class with the best attendance within that half term. School councillors receive the laminated certificate on behalf of their class which is then displayed in the classroom. Data is added to the school website or Contact newsletter depending on the timing.

We are mindful that the local requirement is for 48 hours following a sickness problem, hence we don't celebrate 100% attendance specifically, though we do flag those children who have reached this milestone. Highest performing class for each half term receive a certificate to display in their classroom.

Typically our attendance is well above the national average for attendance, in excess of 97%.