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Come and meet the staff at our school:


North Baddesley Junior School Staff 2018-19

Headteacher: Mr Neil Hardy

Assistant Headteachers: Miss Vicki Rowlands and Miss Lucy Wootten

Year 3: Mr Luke Webbe 3W and Mrs Emma Beeching / Mrs Ellie Bennet 3B and Mrs Sarah Drogan 3D

Year 4: Mrs Sarah Turnbull-Ditlev 4TD and Mrs Hayley Taylor / Mrs Laura Bevan 4BT

Year 5: Mrs Amanda Griffiths / Mrs Jenny Bullen 5GB - Miss Briony Crawford 5C

Year 6: Mrs Laura Hunter 6H and Miss Francesca Telford 6T - Group work Miss Lucy Wootten


Regular weekly PPA cover: Mrs Jane Russell

SENCO: Mrs Jane Smith

ELSA: Mrs Jenny Baxter

Behaviour Support: Mrs Mary Adams

Family Liaison/FEIPS: Ms Sarah Hannan

HLTA: Mrs Emma Parkhurst

Learning Support staff: Mrs Shaw, Mrs Blake, Mrs Nye, Miss O'Connell,

Mrs Murphy, Mrs LeGarrec, Mrs Wilbraham, Mrs Jones, Mr Jones, Mrs Parkes, Ms Gibson, Mrs Pasley

Library: Mrs Peacock.

Finance Officer: Mrs Julie Durnford

Admin Assistants: Mrs Cox, Mrs Rutter and Mrs Proffitt

Site Manager: Mr Steve Rogers