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School Improvement

North Baddesley Junior School - School Improvement and Development 


As the education landscape continues to change, we have incorporated key themes into our school improvement & development plans each year. These include:


1/ Teaching & learning - Assessment and tracking

As a school we have adopted Target Tracker as our methodology for tracking pupil progress. In addition, we have incorporated the best features from the Hampshire Assessment model - as a school which subscribes to the Hampshire core provision in both Literacy and Numeracy. We have used Target Tracker from Summer term 2015 and the teachers are using the data it generates to identify where children who are not making as much progress as we would like can have interventions both in the immediate short term and for the medium term.


2/ Standards in Writing and Mathematics

Analysing data has helped us identify where progress is not as strong as we would like. By setting aspirational targets and continuously refining Target Tracker it is enabling us to pinpoint any weaknesses in progress - which will deliver higher attainment at the end of KS2.


3/Learning environment and resourcing.

As a partner school in the Schools Direct teacher training programme we provide the training in MFL and music to the cohort of students. After significant refurbishment in the last 12 months we are getting the school environment back into shape. An expansion building programme from Summer 2017 will prepare us to grow to 3 form entry.