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North Baddesley Junior School - School Council 2016 - 2017


Our children have an important role to play in how the school develops and caters for their needs.The Council reps are elected every year by their classmates and those up for election have to produce an election campaign to persuade their peers to vote for them! We invite their opinion on various matters :the curriculum, playtimes, healthy lunches, charity causes,the learning environment and use of the school grounds.

The children also have involvement in organising playground equipment, decorating the Christmas tree, organising charity events and fundraising, working on Eco, global and sustainability issues and engaging with the local authority on a range of projects.

The School Council gives children a sense of personal identity and authority, develops self confidence , mature thinking and offers the satisfaction of 'making a difference' They work closely with the school leadership team.


This year's council are


Year 6: Adam, Ryan, Daisy & Matthew

Year 5: James, Olivia, Aston & Anisha

Year 4: Neve, Mia, Nathan & Drew

Year 3: Jasmine, Leo, Elliot & Evie